Praying for My Warrior Book Series

Praying for My Warrior is a series designed to help readers pray with intention as they witness a loved one journey through a personal battle. It’s for the person who wants to say, “You’re in my thoughts and prayers,” and mean it. Used as a guide to facilitate a conversation with God as pray for a loved one going through a personal struggle. The truth is there's no right or wrong way to pray. Our Father knows what's in your hearts, and He knows what tomorrow will bring. Lifting the name of a loved one brings spiritual blessings and strength to their soul.

The first book in the series is Prayers and Petitions for My cancer Warrior, and has been inspired by the cancer Warriors in my life. The books that will be added to this series include: Prayers and Petitions for My Teenage Warrior, Prayers and Petitions for My Lonely Warrior, Prayers and Petitions for My Lost Warrior and more. Each book has been inspired through either my personal or professional life and will be published to help bring peace and comfort to your Warrior.