Hugs from Heaven

Gift the loving comfort of a Hug from Heaven to believers of all ages!

Our Friends in Heaven
Hugs from Heaven are safe, plush prayer pillows and keychains made in the likeness of Jesus our friend and Mary our mother.

Gift Friendship in Times of Joy
When we celebrate the joy-filled times in our lives, we remain grateful and humble knowing we have been graced with blessings from Christ.

Gift a Jesus or Mary Prayer Pillow in celebration of Baptisms, First Holy Communion, Baby Showers, Birthdays and any celebratory or sacramental occasion.

Gift Loving Comfort in Times of Need
When we experience grief, sadness, suffering, loneliness, or fear, we are walking with Christ. 

Gift a Jesus or Mary Prayer Pillow to offer the reassurance, security, and loving comfort of Heaven for Bereavement, Illness, Get Well Soon and other moments of grief or worry.

Gift the Good News of Jesus' Light & Love
Help spread the message of light and love to children and adults alike! 
Gifting a Prayer Pillow can be a simple way of sharing the good news that we are all offered friendship with Jesus Christ and salvation in Heaven! 

An Ideal Gift for All Ages
They offer comfort in times of grief and friendship in times of joy. They help toddlers fall asleep and take naps, and they help children develop their faith and learn to pray. They can also gently open the door to the good news of Heaven and remind adults of God’s presence and love always.

100% polyester
Free from buttons, beads, and wire framework
Jesus & Mary Plush Prayer Pillows are available in three sizes: Large 21", Small 11", Keychains 5"

A Fun Surprise
Each plushy prayer pillow has a loving heart emblazoned on its chest!! ♥️

Your Purchase Gives Back
Your purchase of Hugs from Heaven prayer pillows   gives back to those in need, like the Sisters of Life in New York City, Ospedale Pediatrico Bambino Gesù (the Baby Jesus Children’s Hospital) in Rome, Italy; Don Bosco Center for Youth in St. Martinville, LA; and others that the Hugs from Heaven family encounters who may need a HUG.

We are grateful! Your purchase in store and online from Boutique Saint Jean, the Cathedral Gift Shop, supports the preservation of our beloved, historical, and sacred Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist. Together, we remain grateful for your support and ask God to bless you and your family.

Help spread the message of light and love to children and adults alike!