High Mass Candle

Type: Candle
"I light it as I call on the Holy Spirit to begin my personal daily prayer. It elevates my ability to stay focused and carries me into high mass. It's simply delightful!"

The Scent of Sacred in Your Home
Prayer and reflection at home are now a little easier with our new incense scented, High Mass candle. The blend of frankincense & lavender invites the familiar aroma of the Catholic High Mass into your prayer space, creating a more elevated spiritual atmosphere to focus on Jesus at home!

The Catholic Faith is powerful, but the world we live in can be a distraction. Whether it's early on a Sunday morning, late at night, or in the middle of a hectic day, the High Mass candle helps make prayer at home more reverent. 

If open and not burning, the aroma will still fill your room with a subtle hint of incense, and will remain for hours after it stops burning!

soy wax, tin can holder, 8 ounces, 45 hours of burn time

Your Purchase Gives Back
Your purchase of this High Mass candle benefits struggling Christians through the Franciscan Foundation for the Holy Land and supports the preservation of our beloved, sacred, and historical Cathedral of St. John the Evangelist.